It was about time?

So yeah, it took me a while to get this blog up and running. I looked around and concluded to use WordPress.

As the first post this probably won’t be as interesting as it should be, but I’ve been working on some stuff that I’d like to talk about.

As you might know, the game is supposed to be this dungeon crawler with levels generated close akin to Binding of Isaac and other games with similar procedural generation. So yesterday I took it upon myself to program a system that allows me to have more shapes than just the regular rectangle room.

Here’s an example of the old room shape:

But I want more shapes, so the crawling is a bit more varied. (It’s also really hard to design template rooms based on one shape alone, they end up repeating themselves too much)

It took me a good portion of the day to come up with a good way to achieve this but didn’t end up being that complicated at all.

Right now the dungeon generating makes rooms based on these little steps it takes to random directions. It checks that there’s no room already and that there’s no adjacent rooms.

This ends up in levels like this:

So I just made the room objects have a template procedure. Where it decides randomly on a room layout based on the connected rooms. I first drew these on to a physical piece of paper and then based off of that I programmed them in (there could’ve been a more efficient way had I programmed a room editor a long time ago) and got good results.

Here’s a gif of me walking through one of these early level tests, note that I removed all the doodads and enemies from the level.

And one with the camera zoomed out

Right now there’s only 5 different shapes, but the Layout system I wrote allows me to easily add shapes with only a few lines of code.

Next step of the procedural generation is to add in the clutter objects and stuff. ( I was thinking of having non-harmful critters like spiders and stuff that you can walk over and squash for fun)


See you next time!


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