Roomful of rooms in a roomy room

So after I had a system that allowed rooms of different shapes, I now had to make those rooms have stuff in them. Obviously right?

The system in itself isn’t very complicated, it checks which shape the room is and applies  a random layout of clutter. After a few runs through the rooms of the first level I noticed though, that I really need to draw a lot more furniture to make it seem like it’s not repeating itself too much. Anyways, here’s a gallery of pictures.

I’m gonna continue tweaking the rooms that it produces, so the levels aren’t repetitive.

I have no idea what I’m gonna work on next, but probably something a bit more exciting than rooms! Perhaps improve the enemy AI so they aren’t walking target dummies, or smoothen the combat with action buffers. Add animations/combos to attacks maybe? Dunno, see you next time!


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