Main Menu, a work in progress

I recently made a mockup of the Main Menu representing what I’d at least like to have ingame.



The mockup itself only took a couple of minutes to put together, but I really liked the color scheme and the silhuette style it portrayed. So I began working on the real ingame version of the thing and after a few hours I ended up with this:





I decided to animate the logo and the menu items themselves. It’s still very early but I like where it’s heading.

There’s some stuff I would like to reiterate on, like the monsters that run left in a queue waiting to be sliced. There should be a bit more variety & “randomness” to them or just add a shit ton more (an army of demons running towards him maybe). I also think I need more variety on Waldir’s attacks. And perhaps make him “dash” some enemies dodging them instead of instantly killing them.


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