A little update!

Probably appropriate that I give a heads up on what I’ve been working on (no GIFs or sexy screenshots yet!) for the past few days.

I’ve programmed a lot of the underlying things that eventually will make the attacking->comboing a lot smoother and more appealing to the eyes! I’m also finishing the new much more sophisticated enemy AI, that will make the enemies a bit less walking dummies 🙂

Aside from programming, I’ve been drawing some pixels. Trying to populate the world with a different variety of monsters is hard sometimes, but I’m getting there. I have about 4 different enemies lined up for testing of the new AI system. Putting on the last frames on them as I speak. 

Taking these breaks to keep people posted takes a bit of the development time so I’ll get back to it!

Expect a batch of GIFS & Screenshots at the end of the week, it’s gonna be awesome. I promise! 


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