About The Game

What is Waldir’s Inferno


A procedurally generated dungeon crawling experience.

A Top down “beat’em’up” with RPG elements thrown in. Procedurally generated levels and relatively short playthroughs. The gameplay is room-based dungeon exploring and the combat focuses on the quick sword of Waldir’s in addition to dodging enemy attacks and using loads of subweapons gathered from dungeons & enemies a like to bring forth a diverse gameplay experience. I hope to introduce a level of difficulty that’s not too punishing but rather keeps you wanting for more and more.

Development on Waldir’s Inferno began in late 2013, it’s still in very early development with a lot of game features on the drawing board. Take your swords with Waldir and delve deep in to the depths of my development blog and share the experience with me!


Everything from rooms, items, selectable skills and dungeon’s generation is ‘random’. Some things less than others, but no playthrough should be repetitive.


You don’t have any boring +X stats to accumulate, but you will get to choose totally new abilities and perks each time you level.

Relatively short play sessions

I want to make the game so focused, that the sessions of full clearing (which should be hard) won’t take hours upon hours, but closer to 30-60minutes.

Who are you?

My name is Jani Peltonen, I’m a 20 year old student from a small town in Finland called Rovaniemi. It’s a lovely town with a population too small to not know every person living here and every winter it gets so cold that we have to sit in a sauna for a good portion of the year (more accurately, last year it went down to -32 celsius and last week it was -26 celsius).

My interest in gamemaking began when I was very little. From ages 4-8 I used to make a lot of my own boardgames & card games (inspired by things like pokemon at the time). Growing up in an average wage family, we didn’t have all the cool new systems in our house so I spent my times playing the old platforms. Starting with my dads old Commodore 64 ( I think we had Lode Runner, but it was a very long time ago so my memory might not serve me right) and moving up to NES & SNES. We got our first PC and a modem dial-up internet connection when I was about 6. We upgraded to a broadband connection a few years later (woo Finnish internet).

I’ve been a creative person all my life and a jack of all trades but master of none, as I would put it. I like to play guitar/piano, I did my own home movies with our camera recorder when I was little in addition to writing scripts for those and a lot of short stories,  I learned how to make ugly websites in HTML and I drew a lot & painted some. I also loved sports growing up, I played football(soccer),  Floorball and the finnish version of baseball ( which is quite different). And in 6th grade I started editing videos as a hobby and have been doing that for the past 7-8 years.

So I got to a point where I needed to start focusing on something what is very dear to me, which is of course, Games. I started learning programming by myself in 2007, starting with Basic and moving to C# in 2011. With a very small drawing background ( I liked it, but was never too good at it) I began to practice pixel art & animation. I’m also working very closely with a 7-year long friend of mine who is doing the music to Waldir, he’s a professional musician so I’m very relieved I don’t have to throw my hands up in all the directions of game development.

And here we are with Waldir’s Inferno slowly molding to be a game.




  1. As an 18 year-old developer about to enter college for computer science, I just want to say that I LOVE the work you are doing, and will be following the project closely! This is like my dream project to do some day, so it is very cool to see someone in a situation similar to me doing great things.
    -Rylan Blowers

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