This page is for the Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Release Date?

Aiming for Q3/Q4 of 2014, might be delayed until early 2015 if things go slower than anticipated!

Q: What’s the genre?

It’s a mix of Dungeon Crawling, Procedural & Beat’em’up (I coin Procedural’em’crawling, sounds like something Swedish)

Q: What do you use for development?

A: I program in C# with XNA framework & draw the pixels with Paint.Net. Both are relatively powerful for being free and easy to use.

Q: What’s Waldir? Where does the name come from?

The name Waldir, was  a nick-name my internet-buddies at the time I played wow always called Dwarves as, no matter who they were. The original game idea was a sidescrolling Dwarf thunder-god adventure through a spelunky-like procedural world. After I scrapped that I just kept the name as it was somewhat unique.

There’s also this: a given name, variant of Walter, whose original meaning is “general”, or literally “army ruler”. Derived from the Germanic “wald” (rule) + “heri”, “hari” (army). Which was a bit badass and fit in to my lore.

Q: Pre-alpha/Beta Access, Pre-Orders?

I have yet to decide/can’t talk about if buying in to test versions is something I want to do.  I do however think crowdfunding is a legitimate way to support development by pre-ordering the game and a bonus for that could very well be test accesses. The earliest these would/could be available is up in the air right now. Hoping to have a free playable alpha demo available sometime in the following month!

Q: There’s only Gifs/Screenshots, where’s a trailer??

I’m working on the remaining content I really want to showcase on a pre-Alpha teaser, and it will probably be also around the following month if things go as planned!

Q: Greenlight? Steam?

After the trailer and the demo, I will soon follow-up with a Greenlight campaign to get the maximum coverage/excitement out of it!

Q: Platforms? PC/MAC/LINUX

PC on release, possible Mac/Linux ports afterwards.

Q: Controller support?

The game is currently developed with Keyboard & Mouse in mind, though technical implementation of Controller support is relatively simple, it only depends on how the gamedesign effects it.

Q: I’m a composer/sound designer/concept artist/something and would like to contribute!

Right now I’m not hiring, as for Music/SFX I do have a composer right now. If you do want to freely contribute to the project, you can always email me at waldirgame@gmail.com and I will take a look at it! (Fan-art would be appreciated;))

Q: Unlockable Characters? I don’t want to play as Waldir, he has a stupid name!

Listen, if you don’t like swords… You can get out! No, just kidding. Unlockable characters are a possibility if I end up crowdfunding the project and have extra-time & money to develop them!


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