A little update!

Probably appropriate that I give a heads up on what I’ve been working on (no GIFs or sexy screenshots yet!) for the past few days.

I’ve programmed a lot of the underlying things that eventually will make the attacking->comboing a lot smoother and more appealing to the eyes! I’m also finishing the new much more sophisticated enemy AI, that will make the enemies a bit less walking dummies ūüôā

Aside from programming, I’ve been drawing some pixels. Trying to populate the world with a different variety of monsters is hard sometimes, but I’m getting there. I have about 4 different enemies lined up for testing of the new AI system. Putting on the last frames on them as I speak.¬†

Taking these breaks to keep people posted takes a bit of the development time so I’ll get back to it!

Expect a batch of GIFS & Screenshots at the end of the week, it’s gonna be awesome. I promise!¬†


Main Menu, a work in progress

I recently made a mockup of the Main Menu representing what I’d at least like to have ingame.



The mockup itself only took a couple of minutes to put together, but I really liked the color scheme and the silhuette style it portrayed. So I began working on the real ingame version of the thing and after a few hours I ended up with this:





I decided to animate the logo and the menu items themselves. It’s still very early but I like where it’s heading.

There’s some stuff I would like to reiterate on, like the monsters that run left in a queue waiting to be sliced.¬†There should be a bit more variety & “randomness” to them or just add a shit ton more (an army of demons running towards him maybe). I also think I need more variety on Waldir’s attacks. And perhaps make him “dash” some enemies dodging them instead of instantly killing them.

Be the Idea-Guy! Combat

I really need to work on the combat of the game a lot.. Including actually adventuring a dungeon, combat is the single most important aspect of Waldir. I need to make it so it actually feels good to hit stuff and more importantly, to sometimes get hit. Getting hit and dying should be in a sense, satisfying. Well you shouldn’t be happy about it, but it shouldn’t drive you away from the game either. A good sign of bad design (thihi) is if losing a battle doesn’t make you want to beat it more. If you have no idea why you died or what you could’ve done better, is a sign of bad design.

So, what would I like to get done ? Well, let’s start off with what is in the game at the moment.

Right now, Waldir has two moves he can perform. Attacking and “dash/dodge”. Both currently feel great even without sound effects. They also look pretty compelling, right?

Well. Aside from sound effects, I really need to add a few more attack animations in to the ordinary attack. Doing a 2-attack combo constantly will get tiring.

As far as Combos go, I’d really like to end up with a two type system. Where 1 button performs this current ‘light’ attack and the secondary button performs a heavier attack that requires energy. Energy could be refilled by attacking with the lighter attack once in a while. Comboing these off of each other could create more interesting gameplay, still a lot of programming/drawing to do but we’ll see.

There’s also a problem I haven’t addressed yet, attacking requires the current attack to be over. It’s hard to explain, but if you’re mashing the attack button really really fast, he sometimes stops because you pressed the key on the last frame of the last attack, so you need to press it again. This wastes everyones time and is annoying.

To fix this, I need to program in an Action buffer, basically if I smash the action button while an attack is finishing up, it will queue another action and perform it when you are free to do so. It should smoothen out the attacking by a ton if tinkered to the right time intervals.

Old gif but it’ll do (love the old enemy-sprite’s death animation)

As you can see the enemy AI is a bit short on the intelligence. It starts attacking immediately when it’s in range and is¬†also¬†completely stunned when you attack him back. So basically they are chasing target dummies. That’s not fun at all. It does feel great for the first few times you kill enemies but get’s old really quickly because there’s no strategy involved. I shouldalso add in a little screenshake to shake things up a bit.

So, the AI needs a lot of work. I also would like to program in a system where the light attacks from both parties can ‘parry’ eachother. So you have to vary up your attacks a bit. And make some heavier attacks impossible to parry, so you have to dodge too.

Praise the sun!

There’s also a problem with my new monster, it’s that his death animation has no great feedback. It whimpers off and dies slowly. It needs to be instant from the last sword slash. Blood spurting everywhere and lightning strikes coming through the ceiling. Yeah, that would be great.

He also has that shitty looking hammer on him and I would like to turn it in to a sub-weapon for Waldir. So when you kill off one of these dudes, they drop the hammer down and you can pick it up. I’m not entirely sure on the details of sub-weapons and how you’ll end up utilizing them in the meta-game, but it’s something I’m constantly trying to come up ideas with. Maybe it has a super slow attack but hits the ground so hard it stuns enemies for a short while? Dunno.

This is all fun and games, it’s easy being the idea guy, but when you’re the one who has to program all this stuff too it can be a bit daunting. Well, I’ll be back to tell the tale (hopefully)! See you next time

Roomful of rooms in a roomy room

So after I had a system that allowed rooms of different shapes, I now had to make those rooms have stuff in them. Obviously right?

The system in itself isn’t very complicated, it checks which shape the room is and applies ¬†a random layout of clutter. After a few runs through the rooms of the first level I noticed though, that I really need to draw a lot more furniture to make it seem like it’s not repeating itself too much. Anyways, here’s a gallery of pictures.

I’m gonna continue tweaking the rooms that it produces, so the levels aren’t repetitive.

I have no idea what I’m gonna work on next, but probably something a bit more exciting than rooms! Perhaps improve the enemy AI so they aren’t walking target dummies, or smoothen the combat with action buffers. Add animations/combos to attacks maybe? Dunno, see you next time!

It was about time?

So yeah, it took me a while to get this blog up and running. I looked around and concluded to use WordPress.

As the first post this probably won’t be as interesting as it should be, but I’ve been working on some stuff that I’d like to talk about.

As you might know, the game is supposed to be this dungeon crawler with levels generated close akin to Binding of Isaac and other games with similar procedural generation. So yesterday I took it upon myself to program a system that allows me to have more shapes than just the regular rectangle room.

Here’s an example of the old room shape:

But I want more shapes, so the crawling is a bit more varied. (It’s also really hard to design template rooms based on one shape alone, they end up repeating themselves too much)

It took me a good portion of the day to come up with a good way to achieve this but didn’t end up being that complicated at all.

Right now the dungeon generating makes rooms based on these little steps it takes to random directions. It checks that there’s no room already and that there’s no adjacent rooms.

This ends up in levels like this:

So I just made the room objects have a template procedure. Where it decides randomly on a room layout based on the connected rooms. I first drew these on to a physical piece of paper and then based off of that I programmed them in (there could’ve been a more efficient way had I programmed a room editor a long time ago) and got good results.

Here’s a gif of me walking through one of these early level tests, note that I removed all the doodads and enemies from the level.

And one with the camera zoomed out

Right now there’s only 5 different shapes, but the Layout system I wrote allows me to easily add shapes with only a few lines of code.

Next step of the procedural generation is to add in the clutter objects and stuff. ( I was thinking of having non-harmful critters like spiders and stuff that you can walk over and squash for fun)


See you next time!