Preparing for weekend

As you might have noticed, weekends are when I usually post the most of the updates (and some little updates on the beginning of the following week). So this is just a heads up.

Monsters & other stuff

Some new monsters have been drawn and are waiting for implementation, which I hope to get done by saturday. I’ve also drawn/animated a ton of particle effects which I hope to introduce with some of the monsters. 

Lots & lots of design work

I’ve been designing a lot of the stuff that will eventually go in to the leveling system. Mainly the active special abilities that you can choose & the randomized perks (like in nuclear throne if you need reference). Also some of the stuff concerning later levels are being actively conceptualized.

When and if these are implemented is a matter of time, but I plan to introduce the earliest version of leveling if not this weekend then shortly after it.

Level generation

I have started to (again) update the level generation to allow shops, boss rooms, special rooms and treasure rooms to spawn (with their own rules). This is just the usual stuff that is kind of a pre-requisite of a dungeon crawler. I just need to go around and actually implement a few template rooms for these so they’re up to a quality I can be satisfied with.


Check back on saturday/sunday to see a plethora of GIFs and screenshots!